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Compsoc related..

Karma Page

My version of the karma page is avaliable here, Tim's version of the karma page is still avaliable, as is lamby's karmr page.

Karma-delta graph

A tool to generate graphs of karma against time, for example, a dkarma browser war. dkarma's source.


A plot of CompSoc people's political compass results, polcom plotter's source and data.

GPG key

779BA9B2, fingerprint: 408A E4F1 4EA7 33EF 1265 82C1 B195 E1C4 779B A9B2 replaces A482EE24, fingerprint: 34F5 5032 D173 76AA 0412 6117 7835 5BD4 A482 EE24.


I'm part of the team that wrote and currently maintain Choob, and it's associated projects, like the stats page and Choobogo, Choob's implementation of the PogoBOT protocol.



Prelode... and my Blog.


My last.fm profile.


I frequently lurk on Freenode as FauxFaux.


Some things I've done are on my gitweb.


Speed Mafia

My Speed Mafia page including info, logs, guides, links, etc.

Auto Update Reboot Nag Screen Killer

Download and run aukiller.exe (sig, (source (sig)) to automatically kill that "You should restart now!" nag screen. Make sure it's visible at the time.


My version of 2004's Compsoc OSP, written using an unmodified beta of my engine in a few hours. Uses OpenGL and Lua. Download Atoms.

Compsoc Event Data

Compsoc's events data is avaliable here. Format Specification no-longer exists; dead-link removed.


A list of trackmania tracks in url form, as accepted by wget. A further list, much longer, and only containing tracks that can be loaded by the demo.



Windows game of much blood: Wintanked.

Cell Block A

Windows/DOS game, a fight to the death with pipes, fire extinguishers and shotguns: Cell Block A.

SimTower + Wine package

An archive of Wine and SimTower for use in DCS, untar-j over /var/tmp.


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